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Having access to information that is going to allow you to make a much more informed decision on which casino sites, venues and possibly which mobile casino apps you should be using or visiting or downloading is important and as such we welcome you to the Legal Casino Report website.

You are going to discover much more about the legalities of gambling at a casino based on where it is you live or which country you may be visiting, and will also find out the many different ways that Gambling Commissions and Licensing Authorities oversee the day to day running of casino sites and venues as you look around this site.

The only risks you will want to take as someone who does enjoy playing games of chance in any casino playing environment, is whether you win or lose, and not whether the games you play are fair or whether you are going to get paid your winnings when you hit a winning streak.

So please do spend as much time as you require looking around this website and making use of the very in-depth and informative reports, reviews and guides relating to casinos and casino game playing.

Latest Casino News Updates

To enable every single one of our website visitors to keep fully up to date and fully abreast of any changes that affect the legalities of casino sites, casino venues and/or mobile casino apps we have commissioned a team of industry experts are tasked with compiling daily casino related news updates.

Each of our team of writers are experienced in many different fields relating to the operation of casinos, and that will allow you to read differing opinions on any legislative changes or any new innovations that have been or are about to be implemented in all casino environments.

One aspect of the casino industry that is an ever changing one is of course the way in which each country of the world oversees and regulates their gambling industries, and that is something else that our team will be keeping you fully up to date on.

Whilst lots of countries have fully embraced all casino game playing environments, some of them have not but are currently looking at ways they can regulate online, mobile and even update the laws on their land based casino industries, so make sure you do check our daily casino news stories to find out about any updates or legislative changes.

Fully Licensed and Regulated Casinos

As someone who may have an interest in signing up to and playing at a mobile or online casino site for the very first time, there are some vital things that you need to be aware of in regards to the legalities of gambling online.

You need to first and foremost obviously be aware of the risks associated with gambling, for you do run the very real risk of losing when gambling in any shape or form and you also need to know of the risks of gambling at casinos sites that are not licensed or regulated in any way.

It is very easy for anyone to open up an online casino site, and if that site is not licensed or regulated in any way shape or form there is nothing stopping the operators of those sites rigging their casino games not to pay out or even not paying out any winnings to players who do win when playing.

As such if you do want to start playing casino games online then I would suggest that you check to see if there are any available casinos online that are licensed in the country in which you live.

However, if there are no government agencies in place in your country of residence that regulate and license casino sites you will then need to find a casino site that is licensed ideally and importantly in a country that has a very robust regulatory system in place for licensing and regulating casino sites.

There are going to be plenty of articles and guides located throughout this website that are going to introduce you to countries that do have a gambling commission or licensing system in place, so make sure you do consult and make use of them to find a casino site that is going to be offering you a fully rounded and safe and secure gaming experience.

Playing at a Casino Legally

If you wander into a land based brick and mortar casino you will often be requested to prove your identity or in some cases simply your age.

However, that is also something that you are going to have to do much more so when you sign up to any online or mobile casino site.

As such you need to be fully aware of the legal minimum age to gamble laws in place in your country of residence, for if you have not reached that minimum age you are not going to be permitted to gamble at any online or mobile casino site.

You may be wondering how such a casino site is going to know whether you are old enough to gamble, and they do that by verifying all of their new players accounts.

They are legally obliged to do that by their gambling license issuer, and as such when you do sign up to any online or mobile casino site you will need to get your account fully verified or risk having access to your account suspended.

The way in which you can get your account fully verified is very simple, for you simply need to send in copies of a passport or driving license and also send in to the casino site a recent gas, water or electricity bill that has both your name and your current address printed up on it, the bill you send in much however be dated within the last three months.

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